Bye…bye MJ, Bye..bye…Aussie :(

American Idol Result :

PhotobucketBottom 3:

1. Syesha Mercado

2. Carli Smithson

3. Michael Johns


Michael Johns

Shocked elimination :((

Top 7 :

1. Brooke White

2. Carli Smithson

3. David Archuletta

4. David Cook

5. Jason Castro

6. Kristy Lee Cook

7. Syesha Mercado

Dalam Top 8, MJ merupakan penampil pertama dengan membawakan lagu Dream On ? by Aerosmith

Randy saya : “I really believe this is an important weeks. I want to see who can win. It was a good song choice. It had some pitch problems. It was alright.”

Paula say : “I think it was a perfect song for you to pick. You sound as good as you look.”

Simon say : “I thought it was a very good performance. I am slightly with Randy on this. I don’t like when you do an impersonation of a rock star. I thought it was wannabeish.”

What about my favorit Idol, David Archuleta ? seperti biasa, doi memang keren, cool, cute. Sang Angel from Robbie Williams, sambil memainkan piano. Hebat.

About DA :

Randy say : “You know what I love about this performance. I love those runs. That was your hottest all season. Love it”.

Paula say : “Fantastic”.

Simon – “Best song choice so far. The best pop songs. I thought it was a bit nasally. I thought the end was better than the beginning. You are going to sail through to the next round”.

Btw, gossip Paula Abdul : ” What is up with your dress ? Yeakkkkkkkk :p

pic dipotong dari sini

8 thoughts on “Bye…bye MJ, Bye..bye…Aussie :(

  1. iya, gw ga terima jg neh org out..
    dia kan emang keren bgt suaranya..
    kristy lee cook itu yg mestinya out..
    tp mo gmn, dia itu VFTW sih…
    5 besar kemungkinan masuk
    tp mudah2an minggu ini dia out deh..
    bener2 lucky dia tuh’…

  2. Mbak Indaahh… pa kabar.. maaf baru mampir.. 🙂

    Iya tuh aku sebel banget si MJ keluar.. ngga nyangka sama sekali, padahal dia fav.-ku lhoo.. huh jadi ngga minat nonton AI lagi.. 😦 Eh, tapi masih ada si David Archuleta deh.. mudah-mudahan aja dia sampe ke final…

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